Balancing exercising while working and travelling

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I work for a young Travel company called Together Travel who do amazing package holidays to Ibiza and Mallorca. I am the head of bookings, so i deal with all the customers, incoming bookings and hotels and i adore my job. As we are in the summer season, i was asked to go to Ibiza and Mallorca to do some work and i got to meet hotel managers and some of our lovely customers.

Before i left, i had my review session with my PT and we came up with some great, quick exercises i could do before i started my day. I have to admit, i thought id get so much more time to myself and id workout non stop and just work, like im at home, however this was not the case! I found myself waking up, working on our desk or emailing, eating lunch, back to emailing, escorting customers to venues and then sleeping, meaning i had hardly time to workout. But this is okay – i cannot do everything at once and i found that when i came back, i had not actually put on any weight and my stamina was still the same. Below i have written the workout i do when i could so you can all try these exercises when you are away!

Warm up:
– Jogging on the spot for a minute or so
– 10 jumping squats: 2 sets
– 10 burpees : 2 set

I did 30 second of each exercise, with 45 sec break, and 6 rounds of this
– Jumping squats
– Split squats
– High knees
– Normal Squats
– Lunges
– Mountain Climbers
– Planks

Cool Down:
– Some basic stretches


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Today i’ve been on a 3km run to clear my head and get my cardio in for the day. This evening after work, i needed to de-stress so the gym was the best place to go!

My focus was my abs, back and arms as my legs are still absolutely killing from yesterdays workout. I found this good workout for abs on YouTube by XHIT Daily that i thought was really great to add into my matt work outs for my stomach.
For my arms, i used the TRX ropes to do some arm rows, and then i moved onto the Cable machine, where i did cable chest flies, bicep curls and triceps! To finish, i did some basic exercises with free weights and did a little cardio.

Legs and Glutes

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After such a lovely afternoon of coffee and shopping with my best friend yesterday, I began extremely bored when i returned home. The best way to relieve boredom was to hit the gym to tone up my body!
As i tend to stick to the workout regime i was given, as the purpose is to tone my whole body, i decided to add in some new exercises that i had seen on my Instgram feed from a fitness blogger i follow. Below i have listed the workout that i did, and my legs were shaking once i left the gym! This evening i will not be focusing on my legs so much but ill be doing more exercises for my arms and abs instead.

– Running on slight incline for 10 mins

– Jumping Squats on TRX (20 reps)
– Goblet Squats with 20kg (20 reps)
– Weighted Step-ups with 16kg (10 reps on each leg)
– Box Jumps (20 reps)
– Leg Press pushing 80kg (3 sets of 12 reps)
– Cable Leg Kick Backs (2 sets of 14 reps each leg)
– Cable Side Leg Lifts (2 sets of 14 reps on each leg)
– Straight Leg Deadlifts with 20kg (2 sets of 10)
– Cable Chest Fly with 6kg (20 reps)
– Cable Squats with 12kg (20 reps)
– Cable Twist Obliques with 12kg (2 sets of 15 on each side)
– Hip Abductor but standing 50kg (3 sets of 20 reps)

– Cross Trainer for 10 mins

Stretch to Finish

Ab Workouts

I have had quite a few people ask me what my ab routine is and to be honest it does change every few weeks as i find new workouts which i think are amazing and i add them into my own sequence.

I do however always stick to a few key moves as i believe they have been fundamental in giving me the abs i have today. Today i wanted to share with you the most effective ab workouts for me which are made by Tracy Anderson, who is amazing in my eyes. I would say she gave me the stomach i have today and i use majority of her crunches movements every couple of days.

Please do check out the videos below and give them a go. For the third video, skip half way for the ab section. I would love to hear people’s opinion on her so feel free to comment!

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

New Gym Clothes And A Run

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I am really beginning to love fitness clothes and theres nothing better than putting on your new clothes and going for a run when you’re in a bad mood!

I am wondering why i stopped running, it is so good when you are angry or when you have stuff on your mind as you can just ignore the world and block everyone out. I managed to do 2 miles again today without stopping so i was very pleased. I was meant to go to the gym, but i decided as the weather was nice in the UK, i had to take advantage of it and sunbathe since i’m usually very pale.

The clothes i have purchased are some leggings from Next and  a gym top from Forever21. Trainers are Nike FlyKnit 4.0 and these are the most comfortable, light weight trainers i have ever purchased – i definitely recommend!

Whey Protein

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My protein order arrived this morning which i was very pleased about. I’ve been drinking this protein shake for about 3 months now and i have seen good results. I did buy a diet whey protein because i want to burn off the excess fat i have on my legs and bum area and i want to achieve a nice lean body.

I did lose a lot of weight at first as i was drinking the protein in the morning as a meal replacement for my breakfast and although this was great in getting rid of some fat, it made my weight go down a bit too quickly. So i am not taking the protein every single day or as a meal replacement, i am simply taking it just after the gym for recovery. Don’t get me wrong, i seriously do need to get my body percentage down as i gained 3% going away! I am currently on 22% body fat (i was 19% before) and my aim is to get down to around 15% as a realistic target and once i hit that, ill go from there.

If you do want to buy this protein, click on the link below, its £20!

Full Body Workout

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New workout trousers and a new workout regime go perfectly hand in hand. This morning i woke up for a quick run and my aim is to push myself every single time i go – i managed to run 2 miles, which i know isn’t a lot but its good for me! I do need to bring the pace down ever so slightly as i am tiring out too quickly so i will try again tomorrow. This evening i hit the gym to test out my new workout that my PT gave me and although i didn’t do everything (as the machines were taken!), i added in some exercises of my own, so please see below:

Warm Up:
– Jogging on the treadmill

– TRX Jumping Squats (2 sets of 20)
– Weighted Step Ups (8kg in both hand, 2 sets of 10)
– Goblin Squats with 12kg (2 sets of 20)
– Cable Chest Fly with 6kg (1 set of 20)
– Cable Squats with 12kg (2 sets of 20)
– Cable Oblique Twists with 10kg (1 set of 20 each side)
– Leg Extension with Straight Leg (1 set of 20)
– Cable Kick Backs with 5kg (3 sets of 14 on each leg)

Stretch to finish :) x


The First Post


I am going to quickly write about my workout background up until now so you all know where i am currently at!

I joined David Lloyd Gym last month and it is by far the best decision i have ever made. From my previous workouts, i used to run and do workout DVD’s at uni or at home, however the runs began to fade out as i wanted to get stronger by using tiny weights indoors and following Tracy Anderson workouts on YouTube. I have to admit, TA is amazing, she is the main reason for my stomach and my glutes. But after following many other people online who have inspired me so much, like Linn Lowes, Katya Henry and Yovanna Ventura, I knew the only way for me to progress into the body i wanted, was to join the gym!

Straight after joining, i was assigned a PT, who i now have meetings with at the end of the every month. He checked my body weight, body fat percentage, water levels, metabolism and then we discussed my aims and targets for my body. Once he knew my focus was to slim down and tone my legs and glutes, i was given a glute focused workout, that mainly incorporated lots of weighted squats with cardio. I absolutely loved the workout and i made sure i went to the gym every 4 or 5 days to push myself. Annoyingly i went away for a week and i stupidly indulged way too much as i have such a bad sweet tooth! At my next PT meeting (which was on the 29th May), i was told that i had increased my body fat percentage by 3% and gained 2 pounds which really annoyed me. My PT had kindly already written me up a new workout plan before i even arrived as he knew i went away and would of treated myself. My new workout is more of an all body focused workout, with added cardio so i can burn the fat that i have put on!

I will of course post this new workout very soon so you can all see what the plan is. I tend to mix up the workouts and add in some of my own as i like variation. I am also going to try run 3 or 4 times a week outside by using the Nike Running App so i can track my progress, and again, i will of course upload on here.