Ab Routine

The main question I always get asked, is what do I do for my abs. Before I joined the gym, my favourite ab routines were the ones by Tracy Anderson. I have posted a link before on the main videos I use of hers on YouTube, and I honestly feel she helped me so much. Once i joined the gym, I decided to create my own little ab workout for the end of my workout session. I try to do this workout about 3 times a week, and sometimes i switch up the exercises so my abs are not used to the same thing every week. Below I have listed the main exercises I stick to, along with the reps. I do not ache as much doing these now, as I am extremely used to it, but adding in weight to the reps really helps. Please do try the workout and see if it works. Remember to always lay down a matt or a towel to protect your back.

Ab Routine: 
– 20 crunches with legs bent in 90 degree angle
– 20 crunches with legs straight out on the floor
– 20 crunches, raising one leg bent at a time to the elbow. (10 on each side)
– 20 crunches with feet touching in a diamond shape
– 20 heel touches (2 sets of 20)
– 20 sit ups
– 20 windshield wiper
– 20 v sits, pushing legs in and out
– 20 oblique crunches on each side (2 sets)
– 40 Russian twists
– 1 minute plank
– 30 sec side plank on each side (2 sets)

Please feel free to ask any questions, and I hope you enjoy!

Full Body Workout

I have unfortunately had to quit my gym this week, as I am going back to Ibiza for 5 weeks to work and then I am heading to Asia to go travelling with my boyfriend. Due to this, I am using the gym as much as possible and getting on the weights practically daily as I will not have access to it soon! Below i have written up this month’s full body workout, that i have absolutely loved. Minus a few weighted exercises, this is something you can also do while travelling and working like i shall be doing!

Warm up:
– Cardio of your choice

– 30 jumping squats
– 30 box jumps
– 20 lunges with weights
– 40 shoulder touches in plank
– 20 sand ball throws
– 20 weighted cable chest fly (6kg)
– 10 weighted oblique twists (2 sets on 14kg)
– 10 weighted squats on cable machine (2 sets on 14kg)
– 10 bicep circles on cable machine (2 sets on 14kg)
– 12 leg press on 70kg (2 sets)
– 14 single leg on leg press on 30kg (2 sets each side)
– 14 reps of outer thigh machine on 45kg (3 sets)
– 20 deadlifts with 20kg (3 sets) – only do this if my legs are not in pain or if there is space in the weight section!
– Ab workout on the floor, which i shall upload a separate post this week about what i do!

Cool down:
– Stretches



Bikini Body

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 09.35.07

It has taken me, i would say, about 2/3 years to fully feel confident in a bikini. I recently just returned from Ibiza on a girls holiday, and while i am travelling back and forth there a lot, i needed to feel comfortable.  This was the first time I wore a full bikini, without shorts, and walked around proudly, as before i would wear something on my lower half as i felt so conscious.
A few people told me that I had a lovely body or a great bum and this and me so proud of myself as ive worked so hard to get to this point! I am back now, and due back to Ibiza in 2 weeks, but I shall posting my new gym workouts soon, as well some more travel exercises!

Balancing exercising while working and travelling

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 15.34.30







I work for a young Travel company called Together Travel who do amazing package holidays to Ibiza and Mallorca. I am the head of bookings, so i deal with all the customers, incoming bookings and hotels and i adore my job. As we are in the summer season, i was asked to go to Ibiza and Mallorca to do some work and i got to meet hotel managers and some of our lovely customers.

Before i left, i had my review session with my PT and we came up with some great, quick exercises i could do before i started my day. I have to admit, i thought id get so much more time to myself and id workout non stop and just work, like im at home, however this was not the case! I found myself waking up, working on our desk or emailing, eating lunch, back to emailing, escorting customers to venues and then sleeping, meaning i had hardly time to workout. But this is okay – i cannot do everything at once and i found that when i came back, i had not actually put on any weight and my stamina was still the same. Below i have written the workout i do when i could so you can all try these exercises when you are away!

Warm up:
– Jogging on the spot for a minute or so
– 10 jumping squats: 2 sets
– 10 burpees : 2 set

I did 30 second of each exercise, with 45 sec break, and 6 rounds of this
– Jumping squats
– Split squats
– High knees
– Normal Squats
– Lunges
– Mountain Climbers
– Planks

Cool Down:
– Some basic stretches


Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 21.32.50

Today i’ve been on a 3km run to clear my head and get my cardio in for the day. This evening after work, i needed to de-stress so the gym was the best place to go!

My focus was my abs, back and arms as my legs are still absolutely killing from yesterdays workout. I found this good workout for abs on YouTube by XHIT Daily that i thought was really great to add into my matt work outs for my stomach.
For my arms, i used the TRX ropes to do some arm rows, and then i moved onto the Cable machine, where i did cable chest flies, bicep curls and triceps! To finish, i did some basic exercises with free weights and did a little cardio.

Legs and Glutes

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 19.02.08

After such a lovely afternoon of coffee and shopping with my best friend yesterday, I began extremely bored when i returned home. The best way to relieve boredom was to hit the gym to tone up my body!
As i tend to stick to the workout regime i was given, as the purpose is to tone my whole body, i decided to add in some new exercises that i had seen on my Instgram feed from a fitness blogger i follow. Below i have listed the workout that i did, and my legs were shaking once i left the gym! This evening i will not be focusing on my legs so much but ill be doing more exercises for my arms and abs instead.

– Running on slight incline for 10 mins

– Jumping Squats on TRX (20 reps)
– Goblet Squats with 20kg (20 reps)
– Weighted Step-ups with 16kg (10 reps on each leg)
– Box Jumps (20 reps)
– Leg Press pushing 80kg (3 sets of 12 reps)
– Cable Leg Kick Backs (2 sets of 14 reps each leg)
– Cable Side Leg Lifts (2 sets of 14 reps on each leg)
– Straight Leg Deadlifts with 20kg (2 sets of 10)
– Cable Chest Fly with 6kg (20 reps)
– Cable Squats with 12kg (20 reps)
– Cable Twist Obliques with 12kg (2 sets of 15 on each side)
– Hip Abductor but standing 50kg (3 sets of 20 reps)

– Cross Trainer for 10 mins

Stretch to Finish

Ab Workouts

I have had quite a few people ask me what my ab routine is and to be honest it does change every few weeks as i find new workouts which i think are amazing and i add them into my own sequence.

I do however always stick to a few key moves as i believe they have been fundamental in giving me the abs i have today. Today i wanted to share with you the most effective ab workouts for me which are made by Tracy Anderson, who is amazing in my eyes. I would say she gave me the stomach i have today and i use majority of her crunches movements every couple of days.

Please do check out the videos below and give them a go. For the third video, skip half way for the ab section. I would love to hear people’s opinion on her so feel free to comment!

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

New Gym Clothes And A Run

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 16.39.04

I am really beginning to love fitness clothes and theres nothing better than putting on your new clothes and going for a run when you’re in a bad mood!

I am wondering why i stopped running, it is so good when you are angry or when you have stuff on your mind as you can just ignore the world and block everyone out. I managed to do 2 miles again today without stopping so i was very pleased. I was meant to go to the gym, but i decided as the weather was nice in the UK, i had to take advantage of it and sunbathe since i’m usually very pale.

The clothes i have purchased are some leggings from Next and  a gym top from Forever21. Trainers are Nike FlyKnit 4.0 and these are the most comfortable, light weight trainers i have ever purchased – i definitely recommend!

Whey Protein

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 18.42.06

My protein order arrived this morning which i was very pleased about. I’ve been drinking this protein shake for about 3 months now and i have seen good results. I did buy a diet whey protein because i want to burn off the excess fat i have on my legs and bum area and i want to achieve a nice lean body.

I did lose a lot of weight at first as i was drinking the protein in the morning as a meal replacement for my breakfast and although this was great in getting rid of some fat, it made my weight go down a bit too quickly. So i am not taking the protein every single day or as a meal replacement, i am simply taking it just after the gym for recovery. Don’t get me wrong, i seriously do need to get my body percentage down as i gained 3% going away! I am currently on 22% body fat (i was 19% before) and my aim is to get down to around 15% as a realistic target and once i hit that, ill go from there.

If you do want to buy this protein, click on the link below, its £20!

Full Body Workout

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 18.28.35

New workout trousers and a new workout regime go perfectly hand in hand. This morning i woke up for a quick run and my aim is to push myself every single time i go – i managed to run 2 miles, which i know isn’t a lot but its good for me! I do need to bring the pace down ever so slightly as i am tiring out too quickly so i will try again tomorrow. This evening i hit the gym to test out my new workout that my PT gave me and although i didn’t do everything (as the machines were taken!), i added in some exercises of my own, so please see below:

Warm Up:
– Jogging on the treadmill

– TRX Jumping Squats (2 sets of 20)
– Weighted Step Ups (8kg in both hand, 2 sets of 10)
– Goblin Squats with 12kg (2 sets of 20)
– Cable Chest Fly with 6kg (1 set of 20)
– Cable Squats with 12kg (2 sets of 20)
– Cable Oblique Twists with 10kg (1 set of 20 each side)
– Leg Extension with Straight Leg (1 set of 20)
– Cable Kick Backs with 5kg (3 sets of 14 on each leg)

Stretch to finish 🙂 x